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International Medical Insurance Quotes for USA Citizens and Non US Citizens : ages 14 days to age 80 and over.

for medical benefits and hospital expenses. emergency evacuation, repatriation and AD&D, acts of terrorism and more.

Also group travel and medical insurance for USA immigrants, students or other visitors to the USA.

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Medical Insurance

Medical and Hospital Expenses
with $5,000,000 life time benefits
or up to $1,000,000 per trip.
All Plans offer numerous extra benefits
AD&D, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation.
Diagnostics, Complimentary Medicines,
Maternity Benefits and More.
Understanding Travel
Insurance Jargon

Helpful Insurance Primer
Glossary of Insurance Terms

Important Air Travel Safety News

What You Cannot Take on Board,
New Airline Baggage Rules.
Compensation for Flight Delays:
Review of USA and European Airlines.
Avian Flu Risks for Air Travelers.

Travel Safety Advice

Dealing with Jet Lag, Blood Clots
and Motion Sickness.

Coping With Travelers Diarrhea
coping with (and avoiding) diarrhea
and more serious infections from parasites, bacteria and viruses

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Travel - Medical

Travel and Medical Emergencies
Lost Luggage, Trip Interruption,
Emergency Medical Evacuation,
Hospital and Medical Expenses.
Medical coverage for injuries following
Acts of Terrorism and Natural Disaster,
AD&D, Repatriation and much more.
Major Medical Insurance PlansTravel Insurance and Medical Benefits

Liaison International Medical Insurance

Reside Worldwide Medical Insurance

IMG Global Medical Insurance

Atlas Medical Insurance

International Citizen Medical Insurance

International Citizen Economy

Liaison Travel Insurance

Atlas Travel Insurance

Atlas Group Travel Insurance

Patriot Travel Insurance

Patriot Group Travel Insurance

Insuractive Travel Insurance

USA Visitors and Immigrants Other International Insurance
USA immigrants insurance (image)

Inbound USA Visitors Insurance

USA Immigrant Medical Insurance

Travelers Malaria Risks
Avoiding Malaria and Symptoms
Malaria Zones

Hazardous / Extreme Sports Insurance

International Term Life Insurance

International Students Insurance

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The January 2009 ditching on the Hudson River showed how important social media was as a source of news and information, and how it showed how it makes individuals as powerful as traditional media in some areas. This show provides a general definition of social media and then provides specific ex...

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Travis Barker, former drummer for the music group Blink-182, Adam Goldstein, more widely known as DJ AM, and two other passengers were in a Learjet 60 aircraft that was on a chartered flight from Columbia, South Carolina to Van Nuys airport in Los Angeles. The crash, which happened shortly before...

Todd Curtis discusses air travel and marijuana with Rudy Maxa on 12 July 2014 (Audio - MP3)
Rudy Maxa and Todd Curtis discuss some of the issues faced by travelers who may be headed to the states of Colorado and Washington to purchase and consume marijuana. These issues exists because while the state laws have changed, federal laws have not.

Michele Tafoya and Dr. Todd Curtis discuss FAA order to remove emergency oxygen from lavatories (Audio - MP3)
In this March 11, 2011 interview with Michelle Tafoya on WCCO radio in Minneapolis, Dr. Todd Curtis of discussed the implications for passenger safety of the FAA order to remove emergency oxygen equipment from the lavatories of over 6,000 US airliners. For more information on airline ...

BBC World Service interview with Todd Curtis on the 4 November 2015 on the the suspected bombing of a Metrojet A321
Todd Curtis is interviewed by BBC World Service on 4 November 2015 about the growing consensus that a bomb may have caused the crash of a Metrojet A321 in Egypt on 31 October 2015

Continental Connection Crash in Buffalo 12 February 2009 (video - WMV)
A Continental Connection Dash 8 aircraft crashed into a residential area near Buffalo, NY, killing all 45 passengers and four crew members on the aircraft, plus one person on the ground. The aircraft was on a scheduled domestic flight from Newark, NJ, and crashed about five miles from the Buffalo...

Todd Curtis interviewed on the Rudy Maxa Show 5 July 2014 about recent security issues for selected flights from Europe to the US (Audio - MP3)
Dr. Curtis interviewed on the Rudy Maxa Show 5 July 2014 about recent security issues for selected flights from Europe to the US, including the relative lack of specific information released to the public about the nature of the threat.

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